View the Frequently Asked Questions about our LED Neon Signs.


How Do I Choose the Perfect Led Neon Signs for My Space?

Choosing the perfect LED neon sign for your space is essential to enhance its ambiance and create a visually appealing environment. Our LED neon signs are designed to be energy-efficient, durable, and striking. To make the best decision, consider its purpose, size, color, style, placement.

What Are the Different Types of Led Neon Signs Available?

You can shop from multiple collections of pre-made designs, or design your own! You can get a free quote by telling us about your idea or uploading an image/your logo through the “Get A Free Quote” tab.

Do You Offer Any Design Consultation or Assistance for Creating Custom Neon Signs?

Yes, you can customize your own LED Neon Sign for your use at home or to enhance your business space! Click our “Create Your Own Sign” tab, pick your font and color for any text you’d like. If you believe you can’t reflect your idea well, go to “Get A Free Quote” and tell us about your idea by attaching images and other options!

What Are the Available Font Styles, Colors, and Sizes for Custom Text on Neon Signs?

Our pre-made signs and your own designed sign have 4 different size options: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, of which you can pick from 10 different LED colours! For your design, we have various font styles varying from gorgeous Barcelona to classy Vintage, funky Mama Round and many more! 

Can I Request a Quote for My Custom Neon Sign Before Placing an Order?

After you’ve submitted your custom neon sign request, we will reach you out with a mock-up and a quote within 1-2 business days via email. We’ll work together on perfecting your mock-up with our professional customer service! You can place your order after you’ve found your LED Neon Sign design at heart!


How Are NeonNiche Signs Made?

NeonNiche light signs are handcrafted and tailored to your selected designs. We employ LED flex and back it on materials like silicon for construction, completely
avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances such as mercury, neon, or glass.

What Constitutes the Backdrop for the Led Neon Flex Tube?

Every sign we create is affixed to an acrylic backing panel. There's an extensive array of these panels for you to select from, though the design often dictates the type of panel required. The panel can be molded into any shape of your preference, and it can sport any color, be it clear, metallic, or even UV printed.

Why Are There Small Marks on My Sign?

We've previously highlighted that each NeonNiche sign is crafted by hand to achieve
optimal quality. This handcrafting process may occasionally result in minor markings on the sign, such as on the acrylic, or adhesive residues where the LED flex tubing is affixed to the acrylic. Typically, these markings are not visible, particularly when the sign is illuminated.


Are These LED or Glass Neon Signs?

We specialize solely in the creation of bespoke LED neon signs. Compared to traditional neon signs, LED signs are not only more eco-friendly but also possess greater durability and a longer service life.

How Long Do Led Neon Signs Typically Last?

At NeonNiche, all of our carefully hand-crafted signs are designed to last for 10+ years! An average neon sign lasts approximately 5.7 to 11.4 years if the sign is switched on 24 hours a day, or up to 20 years or more if used for around 12 hours daily.

The lifespan of an LED neon sign depends on several factors, including proper installation and regular maintenance. By ensuring your LED neon sign is well-maintained and cared for, you can enjoy the vibrant, eye-catching illumination it provides for many years to come.

Are Your Led Neon Signs Safe for Use in Homes and Businesses?

Our LED Neon Signs at NeonNiche are perfectly safe for your usage in homes and businesses! They are hand-made of top-notch quality materials by our professionals. 

Are There Any Special Installation Requirements for Custom Neon Signs?

It’s very easy to install our LED Neon Signs! Each of our signs is designed for effortless wall mounting, featuring pre-drilled holes in the acrylic backing. We supply an installation kit complete with screws, ensuring a seamless and secure setup for your new sign, which should take you about 10-15 minutes to install!


What Is the Typical Turnaround Time for a Custom Led Neon Signs Order?

Our signs usually take about 8-15 days to be delivered to your door. However, at NeonNiche we have a policy to get your sign delivered within 20 days of ordering. If not, we will refund your payment and you will get your sign for free

What Are the Shipping Options, Costs, and Estimated Delivery Times?

We have a Standard Free-Shipping option, where we will deliver your order within 15-20 days. With our Express Shipping, you will get your order within 6-12 days for an extra 99$ USD per sign!

How Do I Track My Order After It Has Been Shipped?

After your order has been shipped, we will send you an email regarding the tracking website and the code, where you can track your order from the world-class freight companies that we trust and work with!

Are There Any Additional Costs Associated With Ordering a Custom Neon Sign?

You can choose to get an Express Shipping option to get your sign within 6-12 days of your purchase for 99$ USD a sign! Express Shipping is highly recommended for our customers who choose to personalize their LED Neon Signs. You can choose this option by choosing the “Express Shipping” on our “Create Your Own Sign” section or while purchasing a pre-made sign, choose the “Express Shipping” option to get your sign delivered to your door with our fastened customer service! Keep in mind, customs fees may apply for overseas shipping. This is usually low in cost.


What Is the Warranty on Your Led Neon Signs? What Does It Cover?

Products from NeonNiche come with a warranty that lasts for 12 months, safeguarding the electrical components under proper usage conditions. Take note that the Indoor Signs are not designed to be used outdoors or in any damp environments. Any misuse of the product will lead to the cancellation of the warranty. Any issues with faulty signs will be resolved on a case-by-case basis, considering the cause of the fault, and will be negotiated between NeonNiche and the buyer.

What Is Your Return Policy if I’m Not Satisfied With My Led Neon Sign?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for our neon signs unless your order comes with a factory defect and our team finds that it is production-faulty.

What Happens if My Custom Neon Sign Arrives With Errors or Damage?

If your neon sign comes with defects and you send us enough video/image proof, we will investigate the product and offer our best solution, whether it is to replace or refund your order.